Parrot Mini Drone Rolling Spider

Parrot Mini Drone Rolling Spider

Thoughts about the Parrot Mini Drone Rolling Spider.  There are so many different drones currently on the market, so if you are a beginner, I understand that it may be a bit complicated to find the best one.If you are looking for a good quality drone, doing thorough research is the first step to purchasing the right product. I recently came across the Parrot during my own research and would like to share my discoveries with you.

Description of the Parrot

The Parrot Mini Drone Rolling Spider is an ultra-compact drone weighing in at only 55g providing great stability and speed for users of all skill levels. It’s powered by a lithium polymer battery and is enabled to take great aerial shots with its vertical mini camera. It works with Bluetooth smart technology and can be piloted with a tablet or smartphone via the FreeFlight3 app. This drone is a great toy for beginners and experienced hobbyists alike. Read the rest of this entry

Parrot Central CrossThere are so many people out there that are trying to get into the hobby of flying drones, but they have problems, because they do not know what they’re looking at – some of them are mis-lead on the Internet, because people give false information and reviews (that’s not going to happen here).

Flying drones can be a really fantastic hobby and great fun for users of all ages and abilities. However there are unfortunate accidents where crashes and breakages happen. In these cases it is often a difficult decision over whether to invest in a whole new product or try to repair the old one.

Like purchasing any product, research is the first step to finding the correct product for the job. I recently came across the Parrot Central Cross replacement for the Parrot A.R drone 2.0 and would like to share my findings with you. Read the rest of this entry

Cheerson CX-10a first foray into RC’s or as a new addition to your collection. Recently, I have come across the Cheerson CX-10 mini and since I like what I read about it, I would like to share my experience with you.

Description of the Cheerson

The Cheerson CX-10 mini is a 29mm 4ch 2.4GHZ 6-Axis Gyro LED RC is a lightweight quadcopter that provides great fun for beginners or experienced owners.

It’s powered by a rechargeable 3.7 100mah lithium battery that can be fully charged in 30-40 minutes. It’s made from ABS plastic and comes in a range of colours including bright orange.

It’s great for beginners and also experienced hobbyists looking for a small stylish and well manufactured quad. Read the rest of this entry

quadcopter-2At their simplest, drones are defined as unmanned aircraft, which are used for a variety of purposes by the military, police, firefighters, civilian sectors and hobbyists. While some very advanced drones are capable of having their missions programed into them, the vast majority are still reliant on human pilots, who control the drone from a remote location. Hobby drones rarely get farther than 400 feet from their pilot, while military pilots can control their drones from thousands of miles away.

Pilots have a controller which communicate with the drone via radio waves. These controllers are vital for the launching, landing, and navigation of drones. The type of controller is varied. It can be a device that looks similar to a game-pad, but since Wi-Fi is a type of radio wave, even smartphones and tablets can be used to control drones.

Even though they do require pilots, many drones have built in features that allow them a level of autonomy, with the ability to do such things as fly, hover, and navigate their way home without the input of a pilot. They manage to be able to keep themselves aloft and navigating without continuous human input due to such technologies as gyroscopes, which allow the drone to collect sensory data from its environment. Read the rest of this entry

With the increasing presence of drones, quadcopters, and other small, unmanned aircraft in the world, both for professional and personal use, it is important to know the jargon around these aircraft. Unmanned aircraft are used in many different situations, from military reconnaissance, police surveillance, firefighting investigation, inspecting pipelines and power lines, search and rescue missions, and increasingly as a recreational past time for civilians and for commercial purposes. Read the rest of this entry

droneDrones are often tied to the military in the minds of today’s public, but the civilian uses of such equipment are steadily growing. A civilian drone is defined as a unmanned, flying, small aircraft that can be controlled via a radio control or by programming, and capable of completing a flight without a present human element. They do, however, still have pilots as typically civilian drones require the real time control and adjustments made by human controllers. They are limited by a weight payload, and the most common use is in video feed.

Civilian uses of drones are far reaching. It is important to define “civilian,” however. In the most basic terms, a civilian is not a member of an armed force, and is not taking part in armed combat. However, as far as civilian drone projects are concerned, even police surveillance and firefighter uses of drones are not considered to be civilian, though these are important non-military uses for drones in the present day. Read the rest of this entry

Skywalker V323 RC HexacopterFinding a great product to add to your quadcopter collection or even to start one can be a headache and there is no denying this. This is because there are so many different drones on the market, all claiming to be the best. In return, this makes it hard to actually find the best, but don’t worry, because you are not alone.

Research is a core factor in picking the right product. I personally enjoy learning about the different quadcopters on the market.

I love doing research on different drones on the market and then I go back and report my findings to my readers (I call it giving you guys/girls a helping hand). Recently, I have discovered the Skywalker V323 and would like to share my thoughts with you. Read the rest of this entry

Parrot BebopLooking at the marketplace in regards to drones, I am glad I am not a beginner or I would get confused. However, I understand that many of my readers may not know everything they need to know about drones and that is where I come into play – I enjoy researching the different drones on the marketplace and reporting my findings to my readers. Today, I am going to introduce you to the Parrot Bebop … Read the rest of this entry

GoPro Phantom CaseWhen it comes to finding the best drone on the market, I understand that it may be hard, because there are so many different ones to choose from. If you’re not careful and do not do your research, you could end up purchasing a drone that is meant solely for advanced users.

The GoPro XB DJI FPV Phantom case is made to house and protect the DJI Phantom 1 plus a GoPro camera and loads of accessories. Made from military grade plastic and a custom foam interior, this case offers both convenience and protection for both local use and for travel as the case is sized to meet carry-on requirements. In the paragraphs below, I am going to tell you more about the GoPro Phantom case, so you can decide if it is meant for you or not.

Features and Benefits

The GoPro XB DJI FPV Phantom case is a hard shell travel and storage case made from military grade plastic and with a custom cut foam interior. The foam is cut using water jet precision cuts as opposed to die cut or punch cut, which offers more precision and less variation among products as well as no heat damage or saw marks. The foam interior offers complete customization for the DJI Phantom quadcopter and a huge variety of accessories. It is capable of housing the Phantom quadcopter as well as two GoPro Hero2 or Hero3 camera, spare propellers, the quad’s radio transmitter, various GoPro accessories, quad charger, 6 spare quad batteries, a headset, and goggles. In addition, this case meets carry-on requirements for travel, making it great for those who like to take their hobby on the road.

Pros and Cons

The GoPro XB DJI FPV Phantom case is the ideal case for the DJI Phantom 1 and has very few negative aspects. Although it is made to meet carry-on criteria, it is still a bit bulky, so it cannot be used as a hand carry-on. This means that users will probably still have to use luggage to house their other travel necessities instead of carrying them on the plane. One of the main disadvantages to this case is that the quad will not fit if the prop guards are installed, although this is really just a minor inconvenience and easily remedied by removing and replacing the guards as needed. Although this case is made specifically for the DJI Phantom 1, it is also easily modified for the Phantom 2 if desired. The case is a very solid storage unit with solid hinges, a thick handle, and a tight locking mechanism. In addition, the closures offer two slots to place padlocks for security. This case offers a completely customizable interior with compartments galore and enough space for extra motors, batteries, propellers, and other accessories. The original Phantom fits perfectly into its designated slots with no adjustments needed other than the previously stated removal of the prop guards.


The GoPro XB DJI FPV Phantom case is perfect for hobbyists and professionals alike to protect and store their treasured quadcopters. This fantastic case offers vast amounts of storage in neat and compact area that is small enough to be carried on as luggage on a plane. Included in this nice package is massive amounts of protection in the water jet precision cut foam, military grade plastic hard shell, and tight locking mechanism with optional padlocks. This perfect combination of protection and convenience makes this the only case necessary for owners of the DJI Phantom 1 Quadcopter.

drone photograhyQuadcopter photography is used in many different scenarios. It is used for military and police surveillance, firefighters employ it in situations hazardous to manned aircraft, and use is growing in the civilian commercial and private sectors.

Cameras can be mounted on the aircrafts, and some quadcopters have built-in equipment that can film in high definition.

Using a quadcopter for aerial photography opens up a whole venue of new options for both commercial and personal uses. Quadcopters, a type of unmanned aerial vehicle, are maneuverable enough to allow for photos and videos that have been impossible before now. Read the rest of this entry

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